Timez Attack

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TIMEZ ATTACK [Suit Ages 7 -10, especially good for boys]

Multiplication (times tables)
Online Download
Windows and Mac
Free base version, full version US$39.99
Yes, 30 days Money Back Guarantee

About Timez Attack:

Timez Attack has been developed by a software team involved in playstation games, and you can immediately tell.

A fantastic 3d environment and leading world math game for learning multiplication.

Fully functional FREE base version is great to get started – featured upgrade version takes your child to even further levels…

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Timez Attack is a highly focused maths educational software program, cleverly disguised as an captivating computer game.

Your character is a small dragon that must find its way out of a dungeon. This dungeon is a fully 3D environment, where the player’s little dragon can move around freely.

Game Play:

The game opens with the information that you have been kidnapped and locked deep underground in the dungeon of Ignorantz. You need to escape before it’s too late.

Winding your way through locked doors, you get keys from various creatures (eg. snails, sentries, guards, monsters, and machines) and discover the doors they unlock . Even with the key, you still have to solve the mathematical solution by capturing creatures and throwing them at the door.

Never fear though – no blood or violence is involved with this game. The most gory thing (if you want to think of it as that) is the goo that the ogre throws at you if you get the answer wrong. The ogre really isn’t that scary looking – he doesn’t even try to attack you. He just stands there and asks you math questions!

Sound simple? It’s not! To open the doors, you must also capture a variety of creatures that hold math clues that will help you form an answer to the equation on each door. Then, after opening the door, the user is challenged by an ogre, robot, or other creature that challenges the user to quickly and correctly give answers to a sequence of math problems based on subject material previously practiced and mastered.

The times tables are covered in sequence. So the player starts with the 2s (2 x 1, 2 x 2, 2 x3, …, 2 x 12), then the 3s, 4s and so on up to the 12s.

The enemy has a question displayed on their body, and the player has to answer within a set time frame. If the answer is not correct or too slow, the enemy with ‘zap’ or blast your little dragon, and may send you back to a lower level to practice some of the questions further.

So by the end of the game, all number sentences have been correctly answered within the allowed time frame. This way you can be sure your child has really mastered the times tables from 1 to 12.

Want more of a challenge? Hand-eye-mouse co-ordination is as highly valued here, as in any video game. One wrong step, and you will fall off a ledge, stairs, or a moving gangplank, and have to retrace your steps.

Educational Value:

Timez Attack utilizes a proven model for teaching math facts that goes beyond the more common ‘drill-and-kill’ style of many programs that just offer repetitious practice. Timez Attack illustrates the value of the numbers involved in each problem, then forces the user to capture and use the factors in the problem before solving it. This teaching is then reinforced with repetition which helps shift learning from short-term memory to long-term memory.

The software keeps track of the user’s answers, and forces the user to correctly answer more problems working with numbers they have shown difficulty solving.

Children’s Technology Review: Editor’s Choice!

Click here to visit the Timez Attack website for more information.

Features:       Multiplication (times tables)
Age Group:     7-10, especially good for boys
Medium:         Online Download
Platforms:      Windows and Mac
Price:            Free base version, full version US$39.99
Guarantee:     Yes, 30 days Money Back Guarantee