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If you’re looking for kids maths games that will get your child learning and having a great time doing so, you will find the list below very useful. These cool games are specially designed to help your child learn whilst having fun!

Your child does not need to struggle with math and you’ll soon discover that they are no longer bored and frustrated. They just need to play kids maths games that are proven to work.

We source kids maths games that bring fun, entertainment and education – for the ultimate learning experience that your child will love… “because learning should be fun”!!!

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……….Math Rider ………… Making Math Fun (Printable Maths Games) ……………….. Timez Attack

“Fast, efficient learning made fun!”…

MATH RIDER [Suit Ages 6 -10]

About Math Rider: Math Rider is a wonderfully clever game for learning and perfecting addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers 1 to 12 – all in the one game!

Imaginative images accompany the child in their rides through which they collect important points in order to save their sick mother among other noble quests. Utilising the game’s innovative statistics matrix, the game continuously adjusts to your child’s skill level

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About Making Making Math More Fun: This huge collection of printable maths board games, play sheets, math card games and maths game ideas for school and home come as electronic books (e-books) that are instantly downloaded to your computer. Fast and simple to use and loads of fun…

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TIMEZ ATTACK [Suit Ages 7 -10, ideal for boys]

About Timez Attack: Timez Attack has been developed by a software team involved in playstation games, and you can immediately tell.

A fantastic 3d environment and leading world math game for learning multiplication.

Fully functional FREE base version is great to get started – featured upgrades take your child to even further levels…

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